Dec 2, 2012

Baron and Baroness

Hello everyone,
It was a real, real, pleasure to work on this project: nice images, lovely threads, neat charts.
Baron and Baroness: dimensions for each of them 7 x 10cm and 17 colours, each done in one week!
(I had the kit from here )
Happy sewing, my friends!

Sep 4, 2012

Suzy and Sven

 I've made these a few years ago, year 2002 maybe, when my daughters were toddlers.

I don't have any of these two tapestries now, of course, I have made ​​them a gift to my mother.
She said to me, for her, Suzy and Sven represent me and my brother when we were little kids. But I know now, to her, we will always be little kids...

11 colors
10 x 12cm
11 colors
10 x 12 cm
Cute images, mostly for kids.
Maybe I'll do them again someday...for my daughters.
Have a happy needle, my friends!

Aug 29, 2012

"Virgin Mary with Child"

Is this the chart I've used! very neat, very easy to follow - a great kit!
They also have nice, beautiful threads, with stable colors; the canvas is very helpful, too, already marked.
I see now, they have the image printed on canvas. This can be easy or not, depends on how fast you can decide what color to use for the points where colors may overlap.

I made the tapestry three times and I was happy to give them all, like presents.

"Virgin Mary with Child"
10 colors
7.6 x 10.9cm
Have a happy needle, my friends!